"Rebuild Britain,Together" For Real Hope For Real Change .

Samson Gabriel
Eltham and Chislehurst

Meet Sam, your Green party parliamentary candidate for Eltham and chislehurst.
Sam is a visionary leader poised to change the current political landscape through his expertise, innovation and his unique perspective.

Our Ambition - "Rebuild Britain together"

(HEDGES- to protect)

Healthcare Improvement

  • Restore the legal duty of the health secretary to provide health services to constituents.
  • Increase funding for the NHS to hire more staff, improve morale, and reduce wait times.

Rebuild Britain,
Together -
Encapsulates our vision for a better future.

Core Values

The path forward requires a commitment to rebuilding Britain politically and economically. We envision a society that cares for all its citizens, where dignity, fairness, and social justice are not just ideals but realities. This means moving away from short-term fixes and embracing long-term social and economic planning. It means championing civic nationalism through meritocracy and diversity as governing principles.

  • Equality and Social Justice: Committed to building a society where everyone has equal opportunities and access to essential services, regardless of their background or wealth.

  • Democratic Accountability: I believe in holding those in power accountable to the people they serve, ensuring transparency, fairness, and integrity in governance.

  • Community Empowerment: I value the strength and resilience of local communities, advocating for policies that empower individuals and neighborhoods to thrive.

  • Progressive Reform: My dedication to implementing progressive policies that address systemic inequalities, promote sustainability, and foster economic growth that benefits all members of society.


Exciting Update: Embracing Change and Innovation for a Brighter Future! Stay tuned for details.

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