Our Ambition - Rebuild Britain Togther (HEDGES- to protect)

Healthcare Improvement

I will support the annulment of the provision in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, which removed the legal duty of the health secretary to provide health services to constituents. By restoring this national duty, constituents can hold the health secretary accountable for maintaining a standard of service in the NHS nationwide. Furthermore, I will advocate for increased funding to hire more staff, improve morale, and enhance the NHS for everyone. This will lead to reduced wait times and ensure equitable access to adequate healthcare for all residents of Eltham and Chislehurst.

Economic Growth

To stimulate economic growth, fostering collaboration between the private sector and educational institutions is paramount. With my commitment to ending austerity policies, we can deploy state capital to revitalize manufacturing and industry, creating highly skilled, well-paid jobs. Additionally, I will advocate for increased investment in research and development, support for small and medium-sized businesses, along with educational reforms such as eliminating tuition fees. Moreover, I will strive to provide lifelong learning opportunities to equip constituents with the skills and training needed for the 4th industrial revolution, positioning Britain as a global leader in innovation.

Democratic Reform

Your voice matters. That’s why I’m committed to electoral reforms, like adopting proportional representation, to ensure fair representation and greater accountability in government. I’ll work to break the grip of the two-party system on politics in our country. Additionally, I will support measures to raise standards in public life, promoting integrity and professionalism among politicians. Increasing transparency in governance and holding politicians accountable for their actions will rebuild trust with the people, essential for a healthy democracy.

Greener Future

I am committed to protecting our planet and tackling the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation through initiatives such as investing in renewable energy sources to replace harmful ones. Ensuring we have world-class regulations in place to keep our air and water clean is essential for our well-being. I will champion measures to improve energy efficiency and promote sustainable transportation, making it easier and more cost-effective for people to travel without harming the environment. Furthermore, I will prioritise the preservation of our natural landscapes and ecosystems through initiatives such as urban reforestation and habitat protection. By taking care of our green spaces, forests, wildlife, and natural habitats, we can create a healthier environment for current and future generations.

Economic Justice

I’m dedicated to achieving economic justice by implementing policies that tackle inequality head-on. This includes imposing a windfall tax on profiteering, increasing the pension allowance, and raising the minimum wage to £16. No one in Eltham and Chislehurst should have to rely on food banks due to declining living standards. I will also ensure everyone has access to high-quality public services, such as hospitals and schools. It is crucial that essentials like railways, energy, and water remain under our country’s control for the benefit of all, not the profit margins of corporations.

Safe International Relations

I will oppose any military action that does not meet the test and authorization of the UN Security Council and international law. The UK must prioritize diplomacy, uphold international justice, and remain neutral in conflicts where its involvement is not sanctioned by international consensus. I will also work to end the UK government’s complicity in conflicts such as the plausible genocide in Gaza, as highlighted by the International Court of Justice.