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The State of the UK – (Britain is rotting from within)

Our infrastructures are an absolute disgrace. The NHS is permanently in crisis; 7 million people are on treatment waiting lists; school buildings are crumbling; there’s a lack of gas storage capacity; potholes are everywhere; town and city centers are hollowed out with numerous shop and pub closures; road drains aren’t regularly maintained and cleaned; flood protection reduced; 3 billion liters of water each day leak from pipes; sewage is dumped into our rivers and seas; reservoirs are sold off; social care is in complete disarray; continued food and energy inflation; local authorities are burdened with huge debts, and much more.

But our MPs are lining their pockets with a 5.5% pay rise; supermarkets and energy companies are showing record profits, and our government continues to spend billions on wars, dodgy procurement contracts, and increasing amounts of digital surveillance.

We are paying our taxes for the worst return on investment ever. In capitalist mythology, people were rich because of hard work. Yet no one can explain why those who do all the work have no money!

Proportional Representation and Democracy

The single most important thing for the UK right now is adopting proportional representation. The media, particularly the BBC, might resist (their contact book would be frazzled), but we urgently need new people with diverse perspectives in public life. The current system perpetuates a narrow viewpoint and hinders true democratic representation.

The Erosion of Rights and Freedoms

This is what happens when we meekly accept terrible ‘representatives’ on repeat: they continue to disenfranchise us while pacifying us with lies. And we know they’re lying. We know they’re playing us. We know they represent the worst aspects of humanity, driven by greed and a lack of empathy.

Yet this will only continue and worsen even as time goes by. The state of play will continue to decay because the fundamentals are still the same: the same centralization of power, the same bad actors stifling change, the same charlatans as Sunak and Starmer presenting the illusion of hope while acting completely against our interests.

Until we take a stand. Until we unite across significant divides. Until we refuse to let them manipulate us with their ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ rhetoric where the fear of one tyrant plays us straight into the hands of another.

The solution is the old solution—organization, mobilization, mutual aid, civil disobedience, citizen education, and direct action. And while the police state has never been stronger, we have new tools at our disposal, too, in how we organize and build movements for change.


If, like me, you have an issue with prejudice, with inequality, with climate change, with imperialism, or with any of the dystopian policies being carried out across the Western world, these are all upheld by the same system that exploits and disenfranchises us all, destroys communities across the world, murders innocent people, and treats our planet as nothing more than a resource to exploit.

This is the only fight in town, and we’ve been subjected to it for years. We need to get better at fighting back.

Rebuild Britain, Together

In the face of these challenges, we must remember our slogan: “Rebuild Britain, together.” It’s not just a catchy phrase; it’s a call to action. Together, we can overcome the rot within our society, reclaim our democracy, and build a future that works for all of us, not just the privileged few. It’s time to put power back into the hands of the people and create a society that cares and provides for all its citizens. Let’s work together to rebuild Britain, brick by brick, until it stands as a beacon of justice, equality, and opportunity for all.